Sayed Sayeedur Rahman

Hi, I’m Sayed Sayeedur Rahman

Digital Marketing Expert In Bangladesh

Sayed Sayeedur Rahman - Digital Marketing Expert in Bangladesh

Who is the Best Digital Marketing Expert in Bangladesh?

Sayed Sayeedur Rahman is a professional digital marketing expert in Bangladesh. He’s also a SEO specialist and SEO-optimized content writer who helps businesses grow online. My 7 years of experience made me what I am today. I deeply understand how to create and execute effective online marketing campaigns. My primary skill is SEO Specialist, so my market doesn’t only target paid marketing. I also work to build a solid SEO background for companies that’ll help them in the long run.

My work has helped many businesses achieve top search engine rankings. Besides SEO, I am skilled in content marketing, social media marketing, PPC advertising, and email marketing. Also, my practical, data-driven compelling content marketing strategy engages audiences perfectly.

I help businesses achieve their online marketing goals through my unique blend of skills and experience. If you want help growing your business online, contact me today for a free consultation!

My Career Experience & Professional Skills

I have an expansive range of responsibilities in nearly every aspect of what a digital marketing company offers. My primary responsibilities and experience include creating SEO plans, keyword research, content outline creation, and managing websites to be completely SEO friendly.

Digital Marketer | SEO Content Writer | Professional SEO Expert
Co Founder of TechLookBD

TechLookBD is the best digital marketing service provider in Bangladesh. It has a group of remarkable people who are confident, dedicated, and consistent in delivering services. It was founded in 2015.

SEO Project Manager
PI Digital

PI Digital is an affiliate marketing-focused agency. They mainly create various amazon affiliate marketing-based niche websites and generate revenue from it. It was established in 2018.

SEO Analyst & Content Writer
Web Integrator Ltd
Web Integrator Ltd provides web services such as Web Development and Designing SEO services, E-commerce solutions, Social media marketing services, Shopify eCommerce development, Mobile Apps Development & Software development.

This is a graph of my expertise which shows how confident I am with the below skills:

Search Engine Optimization
Keyword Research
Content Writing
Social Media Strategy

Why Should You Hire Me?

I am an Upwork top-rated freelancer and Fiverr level 2 seller. So I have proved my extensive knowledge and expertise in SEO, content writing, and digital marketing.

I provide high-quality services that are both creative and effective. This way, my clients can be sure to get their money’s worth.

I have vast experience in digital marketing and know how to use online tools to reach and engage with your target audience. These are my best qualities:

My Experience

My seven years of vast experience in this industry made me the best SEO expert in Bangladesh.

My Professionalism​

Most of my current clients are recurring clients. They found my professionalism with consistency and turnaround time.

Collaborative Mindset

I am collaborative and like to work as part of a team. I excel when I can contribute my ideas and suggestions.

Affordable Pricing

I provide affordable pricing for all my marketing services. Whether you’re just starting or you need a tune-up, I have the perfect plan for you.

What Clients Says About Sayed Sayeedur Rahman

It’s always great to see that my clients are satisfied and keep coming back. I believe that providing quality service with professionalism is the key to success. So I make sure my SEO activities and content writing services are quotable. My goal is never just to serve clients. I always try to involve them in the actual online marketing world and work together.